Mystic Valley Studio is located just north of Boston, in an unassuming house in Medford, Ma. With purpose-built, soundproof rooms and a focus on great sounding gear, it is one of just a handful of 100% analog recording studios in the world.

Much of the gear here is either a restored classic vintage piece, or modeled after one. Please check out the gear-list to see some of the extensive restorations and mods done on these pieces. Bands looking for a “retro” experience will be quite happy here, while modern bands simply looking for great sound should be equally satisfied. I strive to maintain a clean, creative environment, where great sound is paramount, at a price that anyone can afford.

*If you’ve never worked with tape before, you might be surprised at how flexible tracking to tape can be. I can track a full band “live”, or you can lay down each instrument separately as overdubs… whatever makes sense. For those that don’t know, punching-in/out is indeed possible on tape, and we can even splice two or more separate performances together.

Other Services Include :

  • Analog Mastering
  • Tape-to-Digital Transfers of 2″, ½”, ¼” tapes
  • Tape Baking/Restoration
  • Repair, Refurbishment, Modifications of Ampex Tape Machines
  • “warm-up” of your digital tracks through tape and analog gear
  • Drum Technician