Mario Mics are affordably priced, hand built, electret condenser microphones with a 90 degree bend, perfect for getting in tight places, with bodies made from US made copper pipe.

The story behind the mics is that I  stumbled across an old handheld electret microphone that I tried on a few sources and ended up loving it on toms. As much as I loved those, I could not often fit them around a tight drum set, so I took one apart with the intent on reworking the body into a 90 degree angle. After realizing it would probably make more sense to redesign the whole thing, I set out to create my own favorite tom mic, machined and built entirely by me, with all “audiophile” components.

The end result is the Mario Mic: an electret condenser with super fast transient handling, and a cool looking 90 degree angled body, perfect for mic’ing toms and snaredrums.

Links to sound samples are below.


Email me to buy direct, or follow link below to Reverb store:


Here’s a video of how the mics are made: