• Custom 32 Channel, 8 bus Console – This unique console is built off a mid-sized Soundcraft frame, borrowing design ideas from audio guru Jim Williams. It boasts a clean and clear, transient rich sound with a wide stereo image and super-wide bandwidth. It’s inputs are of a “trans-amp” design utilizing super-fast, ultra-low distortion, precision matched transistor pairs by Analog Devices. The eq sections of each channel use only polystyrene and polypropylene capacitors and high-performace, hi-fidelity op-amps. Conductive Plastic Penny + Giles faders throughout, and a 24-position Elma stepped .05% tolerance switch for the monitoring level. I would put this in the same league as any API, Neve, SSL, etc. but with a smaller footprint and a sound all it’s own. Clarity, detail, depth, punchiness, wide stereo image… that’s what you can expect from this console.

Tape Machines

  • Ampex MM-1200 – Fully restored 2” 24-track with PURC "gapless punch-in/out" cards on all 24 channels.  This machine can be configured as 2" 24-track, featuring an ATR-124 erase head, Flux Magnetics record head and a Flux Magnetics ME Extended Frequency Response play head, or 2″ 16-track head assembly, fitted with a Flux Magnetics ME Extended Response playback head. The power supply has been rebuilt and upgraded and the famous "Record Plant" mods have been implemented throughout the machine. All guide posts on the machine and on the head assemblies have been replaced with rolling guides for less flutter and smoother tape handling. An Athan custom polyurethane pinch roller is used, as well as an Athan custom polyurethane/brass timer idler, both of which reduce flutter. All 24 reproduce, record, and PURC cards have been completely rebuilt using the very best Dale 1% metal film capacitors, Wima, Panasonic, and Nichicon capacitors, and low-noise, high slew-rate transistors. The original transport, search-to-cue/timer, capstan, and MDA controller cards have all been replaced with RTZ Audio's latest versions for superior tape handling, accuracy and stability, with full servo loop control and real-time constant tension. Simply put, this is the best MM-1200 you’ll ever experience.
  • Ampex AG-440 – Fully restored 1/4” two-track w/ Flux Magnetics ME Extended Response playback head and Flux Magnetics record head. All the bias, record, and reproduce cards have been completely rebuilt in the same style as the aforementioned MM-1200 cards. The power supply has been rebuilt and upgraded, as well as the filter caps within the electronics units, and a VU meter buffer has been added to reduce meter-induced distortion. An Innovonics Tentrol constant tension unit has been added, as well as a capstan servo kit. This machine does 15ips or 30ips flawlessly. 1/4” two-track is a classic mix-down format and the Ampex AG-440 was the most popular mixdown deck for many years.
  • Ampex 440C – Fully restored 1/2” two-track with Flux magnetics erase, record and reproduce heads, the reproduce head being of the extended frequency response type. This machine has the same modified cards as above, with the addition of Lundahl 1550 amorphous core transformers on the repro cards. A TS-40 constant tension servo unit has been added, as well as a viscous dampened reel idler flywheel for improved tape stability and improved wow/flutter specs. Like all my machines, the power supply has been upgraded, as have the filter capacitors inside each electronics unit. You’ll be hard pressed to find a machine like this anywhere.
  • Tascam 112 – Two track cassette tape recorder/player. Rebuilt and ready to playback your tapes for archiving or mastering, or to record your finished masters onto a cassette for all analog cassette releases!
  • *About the Flux Magnetics ME series: These new heads are designed for 15 and 30 ips (inches per second) operation with extended and flattened frequency response. They provide increased tape stability for thicker oxide tapes, increased bias and record drive head room and 20Hz playback wavelength response at 30 ips. All machines reproducing tape at 30 ips roll off any low frequencies below around 50Hz, have an increase of high frequencies above around 16kHz, and have a head "bump" somewhere in the low frequency area. “ME” playback heads flatten out this bump and do not significantly roll off any of the low frequencies or increase the high frequencies. 15 ips, known for it’s increased low end and rolled off high end, also gets smoothed out to have a nearly flat 20Hz-20kHz (the extent of human hearing) frequency response. In short, any machine NOT using these heads is incapable of reproducing the full audible spectrum.


  • JBL 4412A with upgraded crossovers
  • Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube
  • Adcom GFA-555 power amp, upgraded by Jim Williams
  • Oxygen-free copper foil hook-up wire

Digital Transfer

  • Mytek 8×192
  • Motu 24Ai
  • Motu 24Ao


  • Chandler TG-2 (stereo)
  • Chandler LTD-1
  • D.W. Fearn VT-2 (stereo)
  • Mercury Dual M72, modded (stereo)
  • Buzz Audio MA-2.2 (stereo)
  • Audio Upgrades High Speed Microphone Preamp (Jim Williams design, stereo)
  • Custom Console Preamps (24)
  • Classic API VP28 (2)
  • Five Fish Audio MX-5
  • Five Fish VT-73 Vacuum Tube  (2)


  • Chandler TG-1 (dual-mono)
  • Chandler LTD-2 (2)
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix (dual-mono)
  • Retro Instruments Sta-Level
  • Purple Audio MC77
  • DBX 263 De-Esser (pair, with Jim Wiliams mods)
  • Tonelux TX5C
  • Foote P3S
  • Aphex 661, with Jim Williams mods (2)
  • Valley People Comander, modded (2)
  • Valley People Gain Brain, modded (2)
  • Valley People Kepex II, modded (5)
  • Valley People Leveller
  • ART Dual PWM Limiter (MXR 136 Dual Limiter)


  • Shure SR 107, modded (2)
  • Chandler Abbey Road Edition Curve Bender (stereo)
  • Mercury EQ-H
  • Chandler LTD-1
  • Quad Eight 4-band parametric, modded (2)
  • Kush Electra (2)
  • DBD-CEQ (Calrec 1549)
  • Little Labs VOG
  • Meyer Sound CP-10 (modded by Jim Williams!)
  • IGS Rubber Bands stereo Pultec style EQ
  • ADM 1541 inductor EQ (2)
  • Aphex EQF (2)
  • Valley People Maxi-Q (pair, modded by Jim Williams)
  • Shiny Box Guillotine
  • DBX 510 Subharmonic Synthesizer


  • Roland RE 501 Chorus Echo tape delay
  • Roland SDE-330
  • Roland SPD-SX
  • TBDD (500 series clone of legendary Roland Dimension D)
  • Dynacord Echocord tape delay
  • Tapco 4400A Stereo Spring Reverb
  • MicMix Master Room MR-II Stereo Spring Reverb
  • Ibanez Analog Delay AD202
  • Custom plate reverb with stereo returns
  • Peavey Valverb
  • Dolby “A” Type Noise Reduction, 24 channels
  • IGS Audio “Bison” Analog Mid-Side Processor
  • Yamaha Rev 7, modded
  • Lexicon MPX 550
  • Lexicon Reflex (modded by Jim Williams)
  • Sony DPS V55
  • Bricasti M7
  • Valley People DSP De-Esser, modded (2)
  • Valley People Gatex
  • JBL UREI 7922 Delay
  • Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay
  • Klark TeknikDN728, modded
  • DigiTech Smart Shift
  • Aphex 622 expander/gate
  • Sansamp PSA-1
  • Custom Jensen Reamp Box
  • Custom Jensen DI Box
  • Preservation Sound "Wolfbox" DI
  • Lundahl "Bass-Box" DI


  • Peluso 2247SE, modded
  • Peluso P12 matched pair, modded (2)
  • AKG Perception 200, modded (3)
  • AKG Perception 400, modded
  • AKG C-1000
  • AKG D3600
  • Shure SM7B
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM57 with Crimson Audio Transformerless mod, and Granelli right angle mod
  • Shure SM57 with Crimson Audio "Yellow" transformer mod
  • Shure SM57 with Crimson Audio "Orange" transformer mod
  • Shure SM58 (4)
  • Shure Beta 91
  • Shure Beta 52a
  • Cascade Fathead Ribbon (2)
  • M-Audio Nova Class A FET (modded)
  • Sennheiser 504
  • Sennheiser 609
  • Sennheiser 906
  • Audix i5
  • Audix f-12 (2)
  • Beyerdynamic M 201
  • Beyerdynamic MC930 Matched Stereo Pair (2)
  • Heil Sound PR-31 (2)
  • Heil Sound PR-40
  • Custom 10” sub-kick
  • Electro Voice 1776 (3)
  • Electro Voice 1776A
  • Electro Voice PL77A
  • Electro Voice PL77B
  • Electro Voice RE510 (2)
  • AEA R92 Ribbon
  • MicParts SDC Matched Pair (Schoeps CMC5)
  • Custom Electret Tom/Snare Microphones (7)

Guitar/ Bass Cabinets and Amps

  • Marshal JCM 800 4×10 speaker cabinet
  • Ampeg “straight-back” SVT 8×10 speaker cabinet w/original speakers
  • Fender Champion 600 - with Mercury Magnetics upgrade kit installed
  • Marshall JCM 25/50 Silver Jubilee 2555, original, available upon request
  • Marshall JCM 900, modded, available upon request
  • Ampeg V-4
  • Roland Jazz Chorus 77
  • Custom Cabinet w/ Weber Alnico Grey Wolf 12" Speaker


  • Fender Precision Bass with Lindy Fralin pick-ups & Angela wiring kit
  • Epiphone Dot
  • Austin Telecaster Clone
  • Fender Stratocaster

Guitar Pedals

  • 1970s “Triangle” Big Muff Pi
  • Ampeg Scrambler (clone)
  • “Jimi Hendrix” Fuzz Face (clone)
  • 70s Big Muff Pi Crying Tone
  • 70s Electro-Harmonix Memory Man
  • EarthQuakerDevices “The Hoof”
  • Mr. Black “Deluxe Plus”
  • GCI Buzzaround
  • GCI Brutalist Jr.

Snare Drums


6.5 X 14:

  • 3 Ply (1950’s) Gold Sparkle w/Pure Sound wires
  • Black Beauty, Hand-Hammered, Super-Sensitive w/Pure Sound snares
  • Bronze Hand-Hammered Supraphonic w/Pure Sound wires
  • Chrome 402 Supraphonic, Super-Sensitive (1973) w/Pure Sound snares
  • Club Date (reissue)

5 X 14:

  • Chrome 400 Supraphonic, Super-Sensitive (1960’s) w/Pure Sound snares
  • Chrome 400 Supraphonic (1970’s)


6.5 X 14:

  • Solid Rosewood Superstar, extended snares
  • Birch Superstar, extended snares
  • Bird’s Eye Maple Artwood w/Pure Sound snares
  • Chrome Stainless Steel Imperialstar, extended snares

8 X 14:

  • Cordia Wood Artstar, extended snares


7 X 14:

  • Radio King (1950’s)
  • Chrome Over Brass

Drum Sets

Tama Superstar (Birch)

  • Toms: 8×10, 8×12, 9×13, 10×14, 12×15, 16×16, 18×18
  • Kicks: 14×22, 14×24
  • Other: 20” Gong-Bass


  • 40” gong, cowbell, shakers, tamborine, LP congas, CP Bongos, 13 & 14” Ludwig stainless steel timbales, triangle, cuica, Ludwig xylophone