Guitarists regularly have their guitars “set-up” by a professional and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat your drums with the same level of respect. I offer cleaning, inspection, repairs, re-waxing of bearing edges, and of course: expert tuning. I have over 30 years of drumming experience and over 20 years of studio drum-tech experience, so if you’re having trouble getting your drums to sound the way you want, please get in touch.

Typically, I stay on the first day of tracking to get sounds and start recording to make sure both the artist and the producer are satisfied. Then I offer more affordable on-call “touch-ups” throughout the duration of the drum tracking, as needed.

Drum tech and drum use is complimentary at Mystic Valley Studio; the rates below are for elsewhere.


Studio Drum Technician Day Rate: $225 per session, $65 per touch-up

Boston Area Practice-Space Special: $95 for re-heading of drum set (with your supplied drumheads), cleaning and small repairs. Up to 5 piece drum set.

Credits Include:

Jejune | Madball | In My Eyes | Converge | Hope Conspiracy | Coliseum | Animosity | Piebald | Clouds | Cruel Hand | Blacklisted | Energy | Soul Control | Verse | Dead Swans | High On Fire | Skeletonwitch | Another Breath | Killing The Dream | American Nightmare | Bloodhorse  | Chrome Over Brass | Good Clean Fun | Castles | Vallenfyre | Kurt Ballou | Mutoid Man | Chelsea Wolfe | Morne | Plus every band on the Clients & Press page.