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AMPEX 440:

  • Polyurethane Pinch Roller – Used, very little wear, cleaned and lubed brass sleeve bearing. $60 SOLD!
  • Black Rubber Pinch Roller – Used, cleaned and lubed brass sleeve bearing. $40 SOLD!
  • Repro Head Enclosure – Glass guides, no head cover. $25
  • 440B 1/4″ Two-Track Repro Head – 50% wear, comes in head mount, even wear pattern. $85
  • 440B 1/4″ Two-Track Record Head – 50% wear, comes in head mount, even wear pattern. $85
  • 440B 1/2″ Flux Magnetics “MS” Two-Track Repro Head – 35-40% wear, perfect wear pattern, comes in mount. $350
  • 440C 1/4″ Flux Magnetics “MS” Two-Track Repro Head – Very little wear, comes in new mount . $250
  • 440C Full 1/4″ Head Assembly – Glass guides, erase, record, repro heads, look to be re-lapped with some wear after lapping. Also has the optional quarter-track repro head installed. $400 SOLD!
  • 440B Hysteresis Capstan Motor – Great condition, minimal wear on capstan. $85  SOLD!
  • 440C Upgraded Reproduce Card Pair –  All the resistors are military spec 1% Dale metal film. The electrolytic capacitors are Nichicon PM and Panasonic FM and FC series. The film capacitors are Wima 5% tolerance. All the transistors have been replaced and they’ve been upgraded with better, “faster” transistors wherever possible. Every original component has been removed and replaced except for the transformer and head resonance trimmer wheel. You will have to install your own EQ “daughter” cards, but I will include the 1% Dale metal film resistors, and the appropriate Wima capacitors for you to upgrade them. You must specify what tape speed pair you run at (7.5-15ips, or 15-30ips). $250 SOLD!
  • Mechanical 2″ Tape Timer for MM-1000, Early MM-1100 – Reads time in hours, minutes, and seconds at 15ips. $125 SOLD!
  • 440C DC Servo Capstan Motor – $200 SOLD!
  • 440C DC Servo Chassis/Controller – Comes with capstan card. $125
  • 440/MM-1000/MM-1100/MM1200 BIAS Cards – 10 available, tested working condition.  Later, revision”-08″ cards. $25 each
  • 440/MM-1000/MM1100/MM-1200 RECORD Cards – 10 available, missing the eq cards but otherwise complete. “-01” revision. $25 each


  • Valley People Audio, Blank Faceplates for PR-10 racks – 4 available. $10 each
  • Valley People Kepex II for TR-804 rack – Missing one plastic knob, but the potentiometer and it’s shaft are fine. $90
  • Valley People DSP for PR-10 Rack – Recapped with Nichicons and Wimas. 2 available. $150 each
  • Valley People Commander – Faceplate is printed horizontally for PR-2 rack, but will work with PR-10 rack as well. All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced. $190 SOLD!
  • Rapco SC 100 Isolated Signal Combiner – Combines two XLR input signals into one XLR output signal. $50
  • AKG D3600 Microphone – Case included. $50
  • 3M 996 2″ Tape – Gold color metal reels, in black plastic boxes. These can ship by inexpensive USPS Media Mail. $30 each
  • Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound – 28 oz. tubes.  $12.50 each
  • Soundcraft PSU Cable – 10 pin female JAE connectors on each side, 16.5′ long, clean, great shape. $150 SOLD!
Pictures available upon request.
Please email if you are interested in any of these items.